27 December 2007

i'm not even chinese...

Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House
    In 1964 the Disneyland haunted mansion, in the newly completed New Orleans Square, was sitting empty, unoccupied by any of the 999 ghosts. Problems with the story line, and the distraction of designing Walt Disney's groundbreaking attractions for the 1964 New York Worlds Fair, ("It's a Small World" and "The Carousel of Progress") had postponed the completion of the haunted attraction in Anaheim.

    Perhaps to remind the public that the haunted mansion would be opening some time in the future, Disneyland Records released "Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House"


i came upon my copy as a christmas present from vivian. it was available at amoeba records for $1.00. follow the link to find out more about this album, there's plenty of information on the web. i'm posting this album because it's stupid ripe. from kooky vocals to haunding atmospherics, there's no limit to the samples this fine record has to offer. while cutting samples for a new track i came upon a couple classics luke vibert samples from his seminal "drum and bass for papa."

vibert's song "delicious" features two of the best vocal samples on the record, both on side one. the sample "what am i saying, i'm not even chinese" is found on "Chilling, Thrilling..." at the end of track eight, entitled "chinese water torture." the second sample, "mmm, that was delicious, i wonder what it was..," comes in at the end of the last track "the martian monsters," after some knarly chewing action.

and now, with out links, a couple other references:

plug - drum and bass for papa
how big - mmm, that was delicious, i wonder what it was
various artists - fufu stew for tomorrow

//fuck capitalization.