19 December 2008

5signs "Left Handed Aquisitions"

5signs: featuring nsok, accrete, abstract butta fingas, foniks & alcendor. eight hip hop inspired instrumentals, one track featuring the amazing up and coming vocal talents of 310 and def soun, and one track featuing chicagos rising star: kid static

the album covers old school, dilla-esque, downtempo, new school, boom bap (and bipp), with nods to idm, funk, soul and classic rock.

available now:
poobahs (pasadena - LA)
amoeba (hollywood - LA)
etherea (east village - NYC)
halcyon (brooklyn - NYC)

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03 December 2008


just got back from new york city. great trip. there for a week. went to p.s.1 (amazing). checked out flushing, which is a crazy china town east of LaGuardia, which is where i spent the better part of two hours stuffed in the middle of a budget truck box cab. to support ladybird's reacquisition of her African American berry. which was sort of a blessing and a curse, cause she already had her mom lined up to fork out an iphone for Christmas. but your better off without it ashley.

passed out a ton of 5signs records. currently for sale at Halcyion in dumbo (Brooklyn) and Etherea in the east villiage (Manhattan). soon to be available at turntable lab, Rockit Scientist, Kim's, and representing Williamsburg: earwax (ask for it!)

i also ate some dank home cooked locally grown food, and spend some good old quality time with a few of my greatest friends. i'll post some pictures as soon as i unpack my transfer cable.

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