07 December 2009

5Sign podCAST001

forty minutes of beats and live music.

To preview our chinatown beatdown we caught up with FONIKS at his home studio in Eagle Rock, just down the street from 50/50 grind. We recorded Foniks doing what he does best; dropping super tight productions live on the MPC 2000xl.

showcasing the music of:
little people - foniks - luke vibert - dorian concept - abstract butta fingers - gonjasufi - nsok - projecto 2501 - 5signs - prefuse 73

quest aperance by spel

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25 November 2009

Massive Attack "Splitting The Atom" EP

I was listening to the morning music program of a prominent Los Angeles college radio station. Being a fan of Tv on The Radio I was very surprised to hear Tunde Adebimpe's vocals on a very Bristol sounding trip hop track. When the DJ came on air and announced the music was the latest from Massive Attack, I ran to my dell laptop and searched deep with great hope for a vinyl release. There was internet buzz that a physical copy was being manufactured, but no one could find the actual product page. Utilizing highly developed Google skills I uncovered the illusive link, not even accesible from the vinyl factories homepage. It was on this page I first read the track listing: a dream line up the likes of which 'Them Crooked Vultures' could only hope to aspire, a who's who of contemporary musicians, and several of my personal favorites.

Track one with Damon Albarn (blur, gorrillas) Track two with the a-for-mentioned 'Tunde Adebimpe' of Tv On The Radio fame. Track three remixed by non-other-than 'The Subliminal Kid', no longer a kid, but very much a stalwart of the downtempo scene, and Track five, unbelievably, with the marvelous 'Martina Topley-Bird' (the female voice from most of Trickys notable work, with an awesome solo album of her own.)

I had my credit card out so fast you'd think it was the last record in the world, and if I had only one album to listen to on judgment day, this might be it…

For those of us who consider the acts' 1998 mercury prize nominated, #1, platinum selling album the height of Massive Attacks artistry, this four Track EP is their most satisfying release to date. It is the slow and simple effectiveness that hypnotized us in 1998, the laid back, low mixed vocals that balance music and prose is such tandem that every note, every word, hangs on the ear, dripping slowly into the brain, with bass and polyrhythms so delicately layered it would take a microscope to discern their individuality.

In my educated opinion: Splitting the Atom sits proudly next to Mezzanine as Massive attacks finest releases. It is the second most expensive record I have ever bought, a sort of pathetic $11(US) per track, but buyers remorse was hardly an issue. already copies of this record are being auctioned off in the hundreds, that, and knowing Only 999 fans share with me the fine distinction of owning this rare and wonderful record, Vinyl well bought.

05 November 2009

microKORG XL

korg is pretty well known for making sick synths. and now that computer technology is getting so small, korg in on board to bring thier wicked electronic sounds to smaller units.

the original microkorg is famous. i can't think of any keyboard i've seen in more studios. from rock musicians to hip hop producers and everything in between, what can't this box do? easy. it can't play more than one key at a time. they even have a word for it, monophonic. for those of you less experienced in musical terminology, that's like playing a drum set with one stick and no feet.

then along comes the micro Korg XL

8 steps of polyphony! i've had this synth for less than a week. hands down it is the most fun and inspiring keyboard i've ever sat down with.

here's the specifics from the manufacturer:

Tone Generator System: MMT (Multiple Modeling Technology)

Multi Timbral= maximum 2 (when using Layer, Split, or Multi)

Voices=8 voices

Structure: [Synth] 2 oscillators + noise generator, Oscillator 1: Wave: 8 types (Sawtooth, Pulse, Triangle, Sine, Formant, Noise, DWGS, Audio In), Modulation: Waveform, Cross, Unison, VPM, Oscillator 2: Wave: 4 types (Sawtooth, Pulse, Triangle, Sine), Modulation: Ring, Sync, Ring+Sync, Waveshape: Type: Drive, Decimator, HardClip, OctSaw, MultiTri, MultiSin, SubOSCSaw, SubOSCSqu, SubOSCTri, SubOSCSin, LevelBoost,

Multimode Filters: Filer 1: -24 dB/oct LPF ~ -12 dB/oct LPF ~ -12 dB/oct BPF ~ -12 dB/oct HPF ~ Thru, Filter 2: LPF, HPF, BPF [Vocoder] 16 channel vocoder, adjustable level and pan for each channel, Formant Shift function, Formant Hold function

Keyboard: 37 notes (mini-keyboard, velocity sensitive)

Effects: Timbre: 2 band EQ, Master effect x 2, 17effects

Arpeggiator: Six types: UP, DOWN, ALT1/2, Random, Trigger, Individual step on/off function

Programs: 128 programs (A/Bbanks x 8 genres x 8 category)

[AUDIO INPUT 1] jack (with MIC/LINE switch) – Rear Panel
Connector: 1/4” phone jack (unbalanced)
[AUDIO INPUT 1 (MIC)] jack – Front Panel
Connector: XLR jack (balanced)

[L/MONO, R] jacks
Connectors: 1/4² phone jacks (unbalanced)
[PHONES] jack
Connector: 1/4² phone stereo jack

MIDI: IN, OUT, THRU connectors

USB: Type B connector

Display: Custom LCD

Power Supply: DC 9 V (AC adapter), or six AA alkaline batteries (sold separately)

Battery Life: approx. four hours (with alkaline batteries)

Dimensions: 556(W)x231(D)x73(H)mm/21.89"(W)x9.09"(D)x2.87"(H)

Weight: 2 kg/4.41 lbs. (without batteries and included microphone)

Accessories: AC adapter, Gooseneck Microphone

27 August 2009

Black Bird "Three Bird"

Vocalist BLACKBIRD and producer PARIS ZAX met on an intergalactic space mission to free the Amazonian aliens of Pluto from their oppressive master. They found that a musical union could be fortuitous, and thus began a new journey into the great sonic wilderness.

Their first work together, the self distributed and promoted “Fetterless” caught the attention of DJ/ Producer/ Label head DADDY KEV, who released the follow up: "BIRD'S EYE VIEW" on his Alphapup record label.

“Three Bird” finds BlackBird and Paris Zax back on Alphapup, with an album equal parts hip hop and punk rock. You can purchase individual tracks on itunes for 99cents, or, purchase the whole album and get the blackbird 'Three Bird' booklet. In addition to lyric sheets, the booklet contains original artwork and illustrations by LA Legend MEARONE.

preview the first track Bravado <<--click here!

i-tunes download.

10 August 2009

Choir Of Young Believers

NPR is streaming the new album by this danish guy who calls himself "Choir of Young Believers." I've given it a couple listens, and now i'm sharing it with you.

The album is called: This Is for the White in Your Eyes. It is slow melodic music. It is contemporary with out theft, and artistic without remorse.

07 August 2009

God-Jesus Robot

the god-jesus robot comes with the worst accessory ever! plus on the box the god-jesus robot has a bouquet of flowers, are you fucking series. where's micheals sword of vengence, or some sort of rapid fire laser gun of salvation. when i was a kid i had a robot that looked like this. It wasn't a vessel for the lords holy divination, though it did come with a little tube of some highly toxic substance that you could inject into a tiny hole in the back, and it would make smoke come out of the robots mouth. i wonder if the god-jesus robot does that.

23 July 2009

been so long since i bought records. these are the three i want the mostest.

flying lotus 3x3 the fourth record in the series, i have the other three. limited edition, this record comes out august 17th, so i will get two checks before its released. link...

metric, remember when we got angry and i went for a bike ride and missed thier tv performance. this is thier second record, i have the first i love it dearly link,,,

prefuse 73, the king of the instrumental hip hop world. i have almost every relase by this guy, and this is his latest. recorded to tape, so it should have that nice warm fuzzy feel. link...

that's 50 bucks for just three pieces of music. three great peices of music all of which already have a spot in my collection.

29 June 2009

i'm on NME!

It's not a feature or an article, but i'm not complaining.

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23 June 2009

boom boom pow (nsok remix)

I know i'm a little behind the ball on this Black Eyed Peas Remix, but better late than never. Click on the title of this post to start the download.

there's a book of photos i took in downtown LA for sale through anodyne & lulu.

i think it's really good. and if you have a moment please check it out.

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20 May 2009

T-LAB LA: Killed it.

me and my crew "5signs" played an instore at turntable lab L.A. Great vibe. Great turnout. To T-Lab: much respect, and to the heads and artists that rolled through, love and knowledge.

photo by gari askew
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JUST SAY YES! Petition

sunset junction is a great time of year for silver lake. hit the link bellow to show some support.

JUST SAY YES! Petition

29 April 2009

new music: nsok

New Music:

Uploaded a spring medley. Please enjoy...


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22 March 2009

low end theory: here i come.

google thinks it'll only take two minutes to walk from my new place in lincoln heights to the airliner, host of l.a.'s finest underground hip hop event. i think it'll take five, ten if we're smoking a blunt on the way.

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10 March 2009

5Signs RemixEP

5signs put out a vinyl lp ("left handed acquisitions"), then Alcendor said "not everyone has a record player." So we remixed each others music and put out a new record. this one is a little shorter, but it's totally free and has awesome album art just like records of ole.>


that link will take you directly to the album, theres a couple pages of ad's to go through, but shit, it's a free record, what else you want?>

check it.

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26 January 2009

a busy week.

jan17 - saturday: 5signs @ quality collective hq
jan18 - sunday: casa de campo (free lamb)
jan19 - monday: learning music @ spaceland
jan20 - tuesday: beach house @ henry fonda
jan21 - wednesday: lily marlene @ the bordello
jan22 - thursday: jail weddings @ santa monica museum of art
jan23 - friday: assisted recording session w/ engineer d. jenkins
jan24 - saturday: cut&paste audition, 5signs rehearsal
jan25 - sunday: alex & sam @ hotel cafe

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