24 March 2010

Make Your Own God

"some heavy shit, very psych hop smoked out..."
-innercurrent records

available juno: 19 April 2010
everywhere else: 03 May 2010

17 March 2010

GONJASUFI album release party

GONJA SUFI with guests
EchoPlex: Los Angeles, CA
March 15, 2010

Walked in and ran into FLYLO and GLK, posing for the lens with the Warp rep. I was hoping flying lotus would show up, wishing he might play an impromptu set. I snagged ‘Kobwebz/ Speaketh’ the new GonjaSufi 7”. But bad news bears, they didn’t have the LP, because, said WARP Rep Josh, the label hadn’t anticipated the demand. There were plenty of CDs though, and in addition to the seven inches there were FREE GonjaSufi buttons and cheap GonjaSufi praybooks. GLK took to the stage, as the defacto MC of the night, Silhouetted against blue and looking more Side Show Bob than ever.

I grabbed a glass of ice water and tipped the black-tank-top clad bartender for not charging me three dollars. Dark corners are easy to find at the ECHOPLEX, so I grabbed one for myself and added to my ice water a healthy drop of whiskey from my flask. DJ PWC was on the decks, and a home girl with a fro bigger than Gaslamp’s was getting down on the dance floor like it was ‘85. From my dark corner I could see GLK behind the merch table fussing about with a dozen oddly sized plastic bags. Why does GLK need so many plastic bags?

For over an hour, DJ PWC spun wax (mostly) while Gaslamp occasionally hopped on the mic to name drop: Dublab, Brainfeeder, Warp, Flylo, Daedelus, he did this all night. The set was nothing to blog about. PWC played one really hot track off a CD, then crapped the flow with some lame Spanish record. For the most part, the set was a little boring and I couldn’t fathom why the show didn’t have any projections, but forty five minutes into PWC's set, he finally caught a stride and started to connect with the ever increasing crowd, now up to almost a hundred. I went to buy a drink and spotted GLK picking the spinach off his TWO BOOTS, though clearly he didn’t need a Popeye style boost as moments latter he was back on stage playing the AR game hard.

MAIN FRAME followed PWC and took to the decks with ‘Holidays’, one of his contributions to 'a Sufi and a Killer'. His mostly laptop based set consisted mostly of his music, and it wasn’t until a half an hour into it that he dropped the first memorable track, following it up with a smash of a track, a Flylo vocal with BLU on the rhymes.

A short set of psychedelia from GLK, as the projector finally gets turned on, the headliner, emerges from backstage, the king, adorned with a crown. When I first heard about this show I was really disappointed that GonjaSufi would only be performing a DJ set, but my disappointed was for naught. GonjaSufi didn’t actually touch the decks once. His hand was firmly wrapped around the mic the whole set, as he paced the stage, sometime freestyling, sometime performing segments from his album, non-stop holding down to a crowd which had reached 300. 300 heads bobbing back and forth to ‘Kowboyz and Indians’.

I gotta hand it to him GLK is a great hype man. It was sort of his night, he picked the DJ, he mc'd the night and DJ'd the main event. but what most will remember is A gigantic smile on the face of Flying lotus, Chillin’ stage left, moments before GLK confirms what we’ve all been waiting for; a surprise performance from Flying Lotus.

Flying Lotus takes to the stage, Apple laptop lit, controller connected, and seconds latter, his bass had my face in puddles. The Brainfeeder emperor is previewing that illogical bass that is Cosmogramma. I can't even take a leak without that kick drum cracking the porcelain. Flylo played a lengthy set of new and old material. Unfortunately, I had to duck before the stutter-step preacher finished his proclamation, but to be honest, I’m already in the choir. The night was amazing, your jealously is definitely warranted.

10 March 2010

Pantha du Prince - Black Sands

3rd album from German's luminary electronic producer. This recent Rough Trade release is certainly worth a listen, and possibly worth a purchase.

you can listen to the whole album at stereogum.

08 March 2010

on mondays, records come in threes!

a trip to the record store resulted in $14 worth of vinyl and cardboard. Take a look.
camp lo - lumdi (12")

twelve inch means single in the vinyl world. so this record by camp lo only has just one song on it: LUMDI and it's a fresh one! as far as i can tell, this track isn't from an upcoming album. it's just a hot little jam, reminiscent of the jolly goodness and ragtime appeal that made the duo's epitimous creation LUCHINI such a standout success. I've been looking for this record for over a year.

isan - plans drawn with pencil (lp)

a simple and effective album of soft and melodic idm for fans of that flavor of boredom. i laid on the floor after a great burger and stout and listened to the a side of this record, opening my eye's only to aim the lighter. In a nut shell, I spin records for a podcast that specializes in neck breakage, and this record is far too beautiful to show up on one of those adventures.

take - earthtones & concrete (2xLP)

2xLP means i have to get up three times to listen to this whole album once. I have done so with pleasure for this LA producer's first full length vinyl release, and you will definitely find me playing tracks in upcoming podcasts. it's got the wobbly bass and the studder step rhythms which you would come to expect from a member of the poobahs ten-inch series, but take, unlike his l.a. contemporaries, has a mastery of that prefuse 73 start-stop production technique, and instead of heavily layering reverb rich tones, this album drops sounds like gestures, a picture book of contemporary electronic music. this record is a great buy for fans of amon tobins earlier work, or for those seeking that zero seven meets flying lotus thing.

04 March 2010

The El Rey is the new Knitting factory

Seams like since the Knitting factory got turned into a european grocery store, El Rey has been hosting all the prominent instrumental hip hop acts/ beatmakers. I already dropped the RJD2 news in a previous post. This post is dedicated to Bonobo, a sick beatmaker that i have yet to see live. Not only is he coming to the el rey with fellow ninjatuner Yppah on Thursday April 22nd, but look out for 'Black Sands' dropping march 29th.

This is a video for flutter off the new record.

One more thing, there's a remix contest where you upload a track, and Bonobo remixes the winner! I entered 'Underwater Tax Invasion' a track from my upcoming album.

new vinyl

finally there's an afordable reissue of 'siamese dream' by you-know-who. here's a couple more new releases that sparked my interest from lesser know artists.

Machines That Listen

Eyelid Movies


thanks be to state farm.

Ok Go have a new video. It's the sort of thing you can make after you've got a couple successful records under your belt. It also helps when one of the worlds largest insurance companies fronts the bill.

02 March 2010

spike jonze killin' it since 1991

Fresh New Music + Upcoming Shows

One day I'll run the sort of blog where people send me their music before it's releases. Or maybe one day I'll be one of those people that trolls the torrents for leaks. Until then I'll just drop some info on a couple soon to be released records, and tell you how they are after I've dug up the paper to pick up the vinyl.

Flying Lotus 'Cosmogramma'

available 4th May 2010


01. Clock Catcher
02. Pickled!
03. Nose Art
04. Intro//A Cosmic Drama
05. Zodiac Shit
06. Computer Face//Pure Being
07. ..And The World Laughs With You ft. Thom Yorke
08. Arkestry
09. Mmmhmm ft.Thundercat
10. Do The Astral Plane
11. Satelllliiiiiteee
12. German Haircut
13. Recoiled
14. Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph\
15. Drips//Auntie's Harp
16. Table Tennis ft. Laura Darlington
17. Galaxy In Janaki

I'm a flylo fan. I drop his tracks all the time, just check out the 5signs podcast.

Mux Mool 'Skulltaste'

available march 23,210

1. Ballad Of Gloria Featherbottom
2. Hog Knuckles
3. Enceladus
4. Skulltaste
5. Breakfast Enthusiast
6. Dandelion
7. Get Better John
8. Wax Rose Saturday
9. Death 9000
10. False Worship
11. 1st And 4th
12. Wolf Tone Symphony
13. SFW Porn
14. Crackers
15. Morning Strut
16. No Black Crayon [Digital Bonus]
17. Air Justins [Digital Bonus]
18. Stay Calm [Digital Bonus]
19. NAFE [Digital Bonus]
20. Lady Linda [Digital Bonus] download

With releases by dabrye, this is hardly ghostly's first forray in the modern world of beatz, but check out that album cover, and tell me this muxmool isnt smoking the same stuff the brainfeeder crew. You can download death 9000, and check out snippits of the record on the ghostly site.

Lusine 'Lucky Numbers'

available MARCH 16, 2010

1. Push
2. Haze
3. Slapback
4. Excess
5. Inside/Out
6. Sunset
7. These Things
8. Keep Me Fading
9. Near Sight
10. Weaver
11. Emerald
12. Rubberbands
13. Two Dots (Reverse Engineered)
14. Twilight (Elliptical Mix)
15. Crowded Room (Type A)
16. John Doe [Unreleased 2005 Version]
17. Rubberbands (Dirty Mix)

I have a really good Lusine record called 'a certain distance'. chill downtempo stuff, very cinematic, quite beautiful melodies with understated electronics.

Gonjasufi 'A Sufi And A Killer'

- CD digipack - $ 16.99
- Limited Double Vinyl gatefold - $ 24.99

available 8th March 2010

02. Kobwebz
03. Ancestors - download
04. Sheep
05. She Gone.
06. SuzieQ
07. Stardustin'
08. Kowboyz&Indians
09. Change
10. Duet
11. Candylane
12. Holidays
13. Love Of Reign
14. Advice
15. Klowds
16. Ageing
17. DedNd
18. I've Given
19. Made

you can check out a sufi and a killer over at clashmusic.com. I've got Gonjasufi's first couple seven inches, and i've heard his work with flying lotus. I'm looking forward to this record, but tentatively. I wasn't a big fan of 'ancestors', and i'm still trying to work out whether i'm a fan of GassLamp killer. That being said, the first seven inch was amazing.

Gonja is playing a dj set at the echoplex. I bet the record will be available for sale for $20 which makes the eight dollar ticket price more than worth it. go to ticketweb for Details about the show with GLK and mainframe (producers from a sufi and a killer.)

Speaking of shows...

Hey Los Angeles RJD2 is coming to town! I read an interview where rj explains this is the most intricate and rehearsed tour he's ever put on. I saw RJD2 a number of years ago, and the guy is an amazing musician, not just a dope producer, and the live show really exemplifies this. I fell off the rjd2 bandwagon after the third handed shift, but the interview had me re-thinking the twenty dollar ticket price. If you wanna go, i would recommend buying tickets at the el rey box office, but if you like to spend an additional %40 on your tickets, you can do so online at the El Rey website.

Also fresh off the presses ATOMS FOR PEACE ft.THOM YORKE + FLYING LOTUS micro tour.
Tickets go on sale tomorrow at waste.uk.com though for the life of me i can't figure out when. If you can't get a waste ticket, (usually impossible, but free from terrorizing fees) then the tickets can be purchased starting march 6th.

If you get tickets to the santa barbara show, you wont see flying lotus, cause he'll be "performing" at coachella, but oakland isn't really that far away.

New York Roseland Ballroom 5th + 6th
Boston Citi Wang Theatre 8th
Chicago Aragon Ballroom 10th + 11th
Oakland Fox Theatre 14th + 15th
Santa Barbara Bowl 17th

01 March 2010

Gorillaz 'Plastic Beach' (Track by Track Review)

brits: you can listen to the full album here.
yankees: you can listen to the full album here.

I'm in
America, so I tuned in via the NPR link. I wrote while I listened and here's what happened. A track by track review of the third Gorillaz full length 'Plastic Beach'

((((((1)))))) & ((((((2))))))

We begin with a fitting Orchestral Intro that seamlessly leads to the jump off track Welcome to the World of Plastic Beach, featuring Snoop dog, a clickly little vocoder piece. The sped up funk, treble heavy with Miami Vice style synth swells, says neither Dan the Automator nor danger mouse, this is the newness from the Gorillaz.


Next up is White Flag, the intro of which is used on all those little plastic beach vignettes that appeared on the Gorillaz home page a month back. This track puts you in the middle of a video game, and really conveys the vibe of those first few Gorillaz tracks, where the 4th wall was still firmly in place, and it was almost believable that a group of cartoons wrote an album. Then Kano comes on the mic, and shatters the video game vibe for a couple verses alongside a type writer high hat, and marching style snare, it feels more like a Kano track than Gorillaz, a bit more like the second album now, where tracks seriously flipped the style on verse and chorus.


Rhinestone Eyes comes on with Damon Albarn (aka 2d) ridding high-a-top a simple slow beat. Damon sings about the plastic beach, and already four tracks in, this album is mild cohesive. When some high-faluting synths and a background chat come through, it feels like a drunk Albarn singing karaoke to his favorite eighties jam.


is next, and it's the single for obvious reasons. It's supper dancy, with a synth hook that repeats through out the lofty Albarn vocals, into the disappointingly short contribution from Mos Def near the end, Womack definitely kills it though, making Stylo one of the stand out tracks.


Stylo is followed by a little commercial and a big breakbeat rhymed by Gruff Rhys and de la soul. The track, Superfast Jellyfish, has the famed Gorrillaz swagger dancing with the tongue in cheek humor that really defines the project. Remarkably, while sounding the most Gorillaz of the tracks so fall, it's also a little different than anything I’ve heard from them, and also the least 80's sounding.


Empire Ants
is next and is the first track featuring not a vocalist, but a band! And not just any band, but one of the best new bands: Little Dragon. The song is sweet and lovely, even though as they sing, 'the world is falling down.' If I close my eyes, I’m floating on a cloud listening to this pretty little melody as I float along. Unfortunately, it doesn't really showcase the amazingness that is little dragon, and half way through, sounds more like a Ryoksopp song than Gorillaz or Little Dragon, but then Yukimi Nagano voice comes through and melts my face, she is amazing. And now I know what it sounds like when the new kids (Little Dragon) get the rock star production treatment.


Glitter Freeze
(Gorillaz homage to dubstep) has that sick wobbly, the crunchy clap and sci-fi synths that have taken over the electronic world. But you can't escape that Gorillaz funk any more than you can escape plastic beach's proclivity for gigantic breakdown and massive builds.


One final synth stab drops us into Some Kind of Nature ft. Lou Reed. Lou sort of talks his way through the track, as he does. The drum beat is simple and straight forward. This track is kind of amazing. Albarns experience with the Good the Bad and the Queen really shines through. He's got a knack for making these older recording artists sound really modern and contemporary.


On Melancholy Hill
starts out sounding like a rather weak daft punk track, and then gets a bit emo. Perhaps the most blur sounding so far, with the synths swells and thick English accent the song could just as easily have been recorded by Supergrass. Much more new wave than the bands previous hip hop core, I can imagine girls with massive eyeliner crying in their beds listening to this track right after they caught their teenage boyfriends kissing another girl. I might have left it off the album.


A half assed apology come in the way of Broken (at least beat wise). A track that puts Albarn on top of a Dr Dre style track. I'm curious why they didn't try and put snoop on this one, where he would have been quite at home. Instead Albarn kind of whines his way through, with vocals way up in the track, which seams fairly consistent through out, the quest vocals are buried in the instrument, but Albarn is perched high on top.


Mos Def has a real opportunity to do his thing on Sweepstakes, as he sort of falls through the track, which is actually sort of a difficult rhythmically, and kudos to Mos Def for rockin' it. It's a cool little track and one of my favorites on the album.


, the title track, has the whinny Albarn perfectly placed with an arpeggiating keyboard, a quick clicky beat and a healthy layer of electronic quirkiness. That goofy synth is talking to me, telling the story of Plastic Beach in a delightfully unknown computer language.


Little Dragon are no quite as effective on their second appearance To Binge. Albarn and Nagano duet, and again Nagano is mixed way lower than Albarn. Also the track, while quintessentially Gorillaz, just isn't big enough for the talent of Nagano. For Albarn's third Gorillaz project, it's one of the most successful in terms of the projects aesthetics, sound and color, but I can't help being a bit blue balled as the song basically sounds like an extended intermission. There's very little departure from the beat or melody, a little bit of a build, but rather a sleepy track in general.


Cloud to Unknowing
brings back bobby, but flips the style crazy like. This is the only really effective slowish track on the album, it sounds neither Gorillaz or plastic beach, and yet fits perfectly in the record where other tracks fail to support the concept and groove. There's no beat, no hook, just some strings drenched like a London downpour.


And finally Private Jet, the little banger that almost could. A fat beat under some tasty synth stabage, Albarn nailing a perfect cadence, reminiscent of other really successful Gorillaz track. The synth lead is a bit hot, and sort of detracts from the stellar groove. The track slowly rolls along, somewhat haunting, a little silly, and in my opinion far to short, but I guess that’s the idea of a closings track, you have to leave the listener wanting more.

Overall impression: After only one listen, it's not my favorite of the three Gorillaz records, but plastic beach is a good record non-the-less, and fans of the band will not be disappointed. Below is my bootleg remix of Stylo. Enjoy.

note: the spell check in Google chrome is a piece of shit. also, the album preview is the best thing to come to the net since illegally downloads.