08 March 2010

on mondays, records come in threes!

a trip to the record store resulted in $14 worth of vinyl and cardboard. Take a look.
camp lo - lumdi (12")

twelve inch means single in the vinyl world. so this record by camp lo only has just one song on it: LUMDI and it's a fresh one! as far as i can tell, this track isn't from an upcoming album. it's just a hot little jam, reminiscent of the jolly goodness and ragtime appeal that made the duo's epitimous creation LUCHINI such a standout success. I've been looking for this record for over a year.

isan - plans drawn with pencil (lp)

a simple and effective album of soft and melodic idm for fans of that flavor of boredom. i laid on the floor after a great burger and stout and listened to the a side of this record, opening my eye's only to aim the lighter. In a nut shell, I spin records for a podcast that specializes in neck breakage, and this record is far too beautiful to show up on one of those adventures.

take - earthtones & concrete (2xLP)

2xLP means i have to get up three times to listen to this whole album once. I have done so with pleasure for this LA producer's first full length vinyl release, and you will definitely find me playing tracks in upcoming podcasts. it's got the wobbly bass and the studder step rhythms which you would come to expect from a member of the poobahs ten-inch series, but take, unlike his l.a. contemporaries, has a mastery of that prefuse 73 start-stop production technique, and instead of heavily layering reverb rich tones, this album drops sounds like gestures, a picture book of contemporary electronic music. this record is a great buy for fans of amon tobins earlier work, or for those seeking that zero seven meets flying lotus thing.

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