02 February 2008

releases in the works.

"green girls" by dierubix

this is an album i wrote the first half of 2006. i consider it instrumental hip hop. blackbird appears on two tracks. the addition of his vocals to pre-existing material was the last step in recording and was completed sometime during the following summer and fall. "green girls" will be released on cd by the anodyne electric company

for the most part the melodies are inspired by rock music, and the rhythms are my take on electronic music, specifically idm and drum and bass. i believe the sound of this album is the true voice of dierubix. it has progressed much in the five years since my first ep: "music is math" and while my style is constantly evolving, "green girls" represents a finite and specific version. in a word my first two ep's were stepping stones to this album, the first masterpiece by a particular aspect of my creative being. i do not believe i can convey the voice of dierubix to any higher degree of accuracy, but i look forward to one day returning to this emotionally heavy style.

i designed the artwork under the alias 'zero factory'


2.green girls (summertimin’)
featuring blackbird
3.passenger seat
4.lets be wild for a while
5.you are a sliding door
6.untitled (Bbd)
7.green girls (tennesse ticket)
8.here comes the bomb
featuring blackbird
9.soul for sale (kyle kyte theme song)
10.now is the time of your life

"(untitled)" by five signs

five signs is a collective of left field hip hop producers living in and around hollywood california. the artists include: fonik, soulstep soundsystem, accrete, abstract butta fingas, and alcendor. this will be a 12" vinyl release on the anodyne electric company.

this is a cooperative compilation featuring two tracks from each artist. my contributions are 'music machine' and 'drumalong,' two tracks i wrote early on under the 'soulstep soundsytem' moniker. One difficulty i had in choosing music for this compilation was that i did not wish to repeat any songs from the forth coming soulstep album (see below.) 'drumalong' does not contain the same political or social motivation intended for "make your own good" but fits with the sound and style of soulstep. 'music machine' is perhaps a song i would have liked to save for my album, but it was specifically requested by some of the other five signs producers.

additional roles:
abstract butta fingers: p.r.
foniks: design
accrete: packaging
alcendor: mixing
kyle kyte : executive producer

track listing to be determined...

"make your own god" by soulstep soundsystem

having completed "green girls" i felt i had entered a new phase in my production. this style is much more hip hop inspired than any of the dierubix material, even though some compositions illustrate the transition more than others.

the goal of this release is to create a body of work that accurately conveys my political and artistic positions. not just songs that sound good, or tracks that make you dance, "make your own god" is a series of statements.

"make your own god" is still being composed and recorded. this album will be released on a yet to be decided format by the anodyne electric company.

track listing to be determined..

"(untitled)" by dream tv

a couple years ago dream tv was born from jams with jeff (who plays guitar and bass with rock influence, and experience.) when jordan joined the band we decided to get serious, write songs, play shows ect. unfortuantly jordan moved to san fransisco, and dream tv took a nap. during recent sessions, however, jeff and i have written some new material, and we are excited to release it.

dream tv is the most rock inspired of my music. keeping with a rock mentality, a 7" release seamed the most appropriate way to share our dub rock creations. this single will be released by the anodyne electric company (of course)

track listing to be determined..

"(untitled)" by gray world

i have discussed briefly with blackbird the idea of releasing a single on vinyl. gray world is a collection of compositions i wrote over the course of my first two years in l.a. blackbird added vocals which were recorded in my home studio in the summer and fall of 2006, two gray world compositions appear on "green girls," though it is unlikely we would choose either of those songs for this release. we will presumably choose something which i wrote pre-"green girls", when rock was just starting to shade my dance focused production. 'cocain and alcohol' may be the track of choice. we also plan to elicit remixes from other artists to add to the release.

track listing to be determined..
label to be determined..

//fuck capitalization.

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