24 September 2008

Krust - Coded Language (Roni Size Remixes)

(They cant all be good)

my recent discovery of the genius that is saul williams lead me to search out "coded language" by krust.

Amoeba didn't have it on vinyl, not a huge surprise, but digging the jungle 12"'s uncovered the roni size mix of the "coded" single williams appears on.

What a disappointment. The a side (which thanks to factory error has the b side label on it) features a tiny slathering of williams lyrics within the first quarter of the track, and some how elicits the necessity of an instrumental on the mislabeled b side.

I'm a huge fan of roni size, considering new forms to be one of the greatest records ever recorded, but this single is indicative at best, and more properly described as boring, and uninventive. I'm not sure how prominent williams is on the album version, but a miraculous combination of sauls gritty, and sizes jazzy, this is not.

link to discogs.com listing

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