29 September 2008

long live the green party.

mcain is part of the same empirical system bush was. and while bush obviously stole both of his elections, it is worth noting that there were enough people voting for him, to get him within striking distance. which is just testament to the millions of people in this country who only process information delivered from a television, and who are uneducated enough to vote on moral similarities.

im voting green party. but it's not an abandonment of obama, it's just a nice benefit of living in such a liberal state, obama will so easily carry california, so while i campaing for him to a certain extent, i have the freedom to add support via my vote, to a lesser know party.

plus pallin shouldn't be anywhere near the white house, and if anything mccain shouldn't be allowed to be president based on his blatant attempts to use her to manipulate america by offering a pretty face instead of a respectable politician. if that's the type of government people are looking for, sweet smiled conservatives with imperialist appetites, then we should completely give up on democracy, and bow before our tv masters.

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