16 October 2008

apple dj's

apple laptop dj's can eat a dick. maybe if you didn't play bullshit trendy 80's crap, i could forgive you for being such a lazy asshole. maybe it's just l.a. and in other parts of the world there are kids with tight pants and stripped shirts banging out the truth from their sleek white apple-badges of cool. but i'm pretty sure pop culture is simply inexcusable excrement and it always has been. 

we spin wax. why? cause it's worth it. if all you can do is play popular songs, you're not a dj, you're not even a jukebox, because at least with a jukebox, i can turn the page, you, i have to listen to until i finish my drink and bounce. 

p.s. don't forget to update your blog with the latest playlist. 
p.p.s. you can just export it from itunes 

p.p.p.s. eat a dick.

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