27 January 2010

Gorillaz - Stylo Remix

i remixed the new gorillaz single. it's called 'stylo' and it hasn't been officially released yet, but it's from the album "Plastic Beach" due out latter this spring. i made this remix with just the leaked mp3 and my micokorg xl.

you can check all the little vignettes i made the video with on the gorillaz home page.
the video is landing high from the aol video link.

*****update: i had to remove the link to the mp3, because google send me an email saying they were worried it might be copyright infringement. but fear not, i doth not think they would notice a text link: anelect.com/analog/Gorillaz-Stylo(Nsok-Remix).mp3

copy and past ya'll!

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